pillow sham pattern personalised outdoor cushion covers DIY Guide- 3 Easy Ways To Hang A Wall Tapestry

 pillow sham pattern     |      2019-09-24 06:35

How do you get that beautiful drape from your hands to the wall so can have your insta-worthy moment beneath it? We’;re here to answer your SOS! Here’;s a step by step guide to three easy and creative ways to hang that baby up. Have more ingenious ways to decorate with wall tapestries? Comment below!

First, grab your tapestry and decide which way you want to hang it. The great thing about abstract art is you get to interpret how you want it to be!

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Pro Tip: This is a really great way to hang a tapestry if you are a renter and you have a landlord who isn’;t down with nails.? No wall damage = full security deposit.

Pro Tip: Use a level if you want it to be perfect.

Have fun with how you want to hang your tapestry and with which way feels up to you!

Pro Tip: Adjust for a loose or taut look. Now’;s a great chance to really think about the look that you’;re going for. Do you want it to be drapey and loose or do you want it to be really taut? Take that into consideration before you decide where the second nail should go.

Measure how long the tapestry is at the top. This one is 50″; so we’;re just going to divide it and do ten slits, one every 5″;.

Take your scissors and make a tiny little cut at the top of the tapestry. Thenpillow sham pattern, starting from that same spot, move 5″; along and make a tiny little cut at the top of the tapestry. Repeat every 5″; all the way across.

Pro Tip: Cut about an inch or two below the top seam, just past the edge. You want to make sure you’;re cutting into the fabric and not at a point where the rope can’;t pass through the fabric.

From here, you’;ree going to take it to the wall.

Pro Tip: Remember to leave slack in the rope. Decide where you’;re going to put the knot on the other side once you see how tight the rope needs to be on the tapestry.

Pro Tip: If you’;re anything like us, you get bored easily. Swap your tapestries out with the seasons or holidays to change up your space.

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