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Snailmail and smail (from snail mail) — named after the snail with its slow speed — is a retronym that refers to letters and missives carried by conventional postal delivery services. (…;)?It is also known, more neutrally, as paper mail, postal mail, land mail, or simply mail and post. (Wikipedia)

Ledger pages used as writing letter paper –; Architextures Mix and Match Book ‘;Bee’;

linen cushion covers

When I was much younger (about 13-16 years old)pillow sham pattern, I used to have tons of pen pals all over the world –; snail mail was one of my main free-time activities at the time. Growing up in Poland was quite an experience with the communism having just finished and the western influences starting to slowly float into our world. ‘;Knowing’; people in the countries I have never visited was amazing and I was always extremely excited every time my postman (an old, white-haired man with the wrinkliest face and bluest eyes I have seen in my life!) brought letters to our door.

Now, I am much older and after a long, long break in pen-palling and plenty of life changes, I am back in the letter-writing business. And again, my friends were (yup, there is a past tense to that!) from all over and there were plenty of them but as months passed, I realised that some of them I had not much in common with and some of them just kind of …; vanished …; you know, life takes over sometimes and we need to adjust.

Today, I have only one pen-friend and I do feel like she is my friend although I have never met her in my life. And since she lives in the US and I am in the UK, we will probably never meet in real life. We write long, personal letters which sometimes help to lift some weight off our shoulders –; you know the saying ‘;A problem shared is a problem halved’;.

Front of the envelope embellished with Architextures paper, Rub-Ons, Tall Base, Trinkets and Sentiments from Rub-Ons packaging.

Her letters always come in bright and colourful handmade booklets or folders.Mine are a little bit more grungy and messy.Being so different in our crafts, we are very similar in our outlook on life and that’;s probably the reason we’;ve remained friends over the years despite the breaks between our letters getting longer and longer each time.

Architextures paper sewed onto the back of the canvas envelope

This time, when I sat down to making an envelope for my letter, I decided to do some ‘;messy’; sewing.With that in mind, I grabbed Canvas Corp canvas envelope and my box of Architextures-everything and started playing…;The result is awesome and the only reasonable next step was to use Ledger paper from the Mix and ?Match ‘;Bee’; book as letter paper.I’;m sure you’;ll agree that they go extremely well together.

Have you ever used any of the CCB products on your snailmail adventures?I’;d love to hear from you below in the comments.

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Reviewers also use it to keep coffee hot and water cold allll darn day.

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