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 pillow sham pattern     |      2020-02-26 22:33

One thing I have learned about wedding planning is that when brilliant ideas?strike, you just have to run with them.?Even though our wedding is still?6 months away, yesterday I was inspired to begin my thank you notes. We received our first gift a week ago and that got me thinking about this task on my to do list. I knew I did not want to buy them but really had not seen pictures of anything that I might want to do. Usually my projects are inspired by a picture that I saw of what someone else did. I very rarely think of something completely original off the top of my head. Although this is not based on a picturepillow sham pattern, my favorite store can definitely be given the assist on this one.

We had to go to Paper-Source to look at invitations to help inspire Taylor (who will be designing our invitations himself). He did a fabulous job on our Save the Dates (see below) and I am so excited to continue creating personalized stationary. It is also very cost efficiant to design things yourself and then print from Vista Print. I have been collecting groupons so hopefully it will be well under $1 each for our invitations.

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While at Paper-Source we were not only inspired with ideas for our invitations (which I will share with you later), but I also came up with my DIY thank you notes. All of the supplies came from Paper-Source, but I am sure you could find them cheaper if you looked elsewhere.

Here is how I created very personal, unique TY's:

1) Pick out a single sided, thick card in a color that goes with your wedding and is easy to write on. I picked the white, scalloped A2 card.

2) Find a nice stamp that you can use for the front of the card and a stamp pad that coordinates with wedding colors. My colors are Navy blue, white, and yellow –; so I chose a navy blue stamp pad.

Here is what the front looked like after I stamped it:

Tip: Make sure you let them dry for about 5 minutes. They smear if you are not super careful.

3) Write a nice thank you note on the back of the card. I think it is fun and different to have a post card thank you note instead of a traditional folded card. Hopefully my guests will like it too!

4) Choose a coordinating envelope to loop in your last color. I used “;sunshine yellow”;.

I am going to try really hard to send thank you notes as I get gifts so having these all ready to go will make that goal much more doable. Time to get stampin'!

How do you like our simple DIY thank you notes?

For many of us, thread count can be a little confusing. Is a high number always good? Does it guarantee sheet strength and softness? Does it guarantee quality?

I have crocheted a hat for myself but the first time I went outside and it was a bit windy I had cold ears. I decided to do something about it. I went to my local sewing shop and looked for a nice fabric that will work. I decided to use fleece it is soft and keeps the wind out.

Oh my word, you guys….I’m cracking up about the costume I’m sharing today!? And the younger the child is that I make a costume for, the more I sit and laugh as I’m sewing up each part of it.? HA!? There’s just something so dang cute about tiny little costumes!? But yes, we’re continuing on with our theme of Greek Mythology Characters and in case you missed them, Elli’s Greek Goddess Artemis costume is HERE, Connor’s Greek God Poseidon Costume is HERE, and Chloe’s Greek Goddess Demeter Costume is HERE.