pillow sham pattern Parisian Design- For A Summer Of Football & Tennis funny cushion covers

 pillow sham pattern     |      2019-12-03 06:01

Paris may be the city renowned for love and romance, but this summer it also plays host to the world of sport with tennis fans already being given a treat, albeit it a rather wet one this yearpillow sham pattern, at Roland Garros, football fans are travelling to various venues across France for The Euros, while cycling fanatics will savour the annual finale of the Tour de France on the Champs-élysées.

Bringing?a sporting theme into your home doesn't mean you have to decorate with an abundance of cycles, tennis and foot balls. You can show your support and passion using soft furnishings and accessories that reflect Paris, support for your country or have more subtle themes showcasing your sporting preferences without going completely overboard.

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I am ALL about?using products that are non-toxic. Especially when it comes to Toxin Free?Cleaning and my home. I was thrilled to partner with my local Safeway and try the new Open Nature? Household Cleaning and Care products which are safe for my home and family.

Here is a quick project you can make with scraps. ?Make one for Mother's Day, or to spice up your wardrobe, or decorate your room.

The spring season is here and it is time to start opening the home windows for sunshine to filter inside. It’s time to lighten-up the home décor, open the windows for fresh spring air and warm sunlight. And the best way to open your home this spring is with stylish, roller shades. They open in classy style, provide you with the privacy and an unperturbed view of the full bloom from your bedroom. Perfect for traditional and contemporary home set-up, here is why opening your home to spring with roller shades is the best option.