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 pillow sham pattern     |      2019-12-03 10:12

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting my favorite city in the world - Paris - for the 8th time. I'm definitely neglecting the rest of the world with my repeated adventures to the French capital, but what can I say? It just never disappoints.

Walking around the 5th, I discovered Girly Paris (probably because I was enjoying my freedom but missing my girls at the same timepillow sham pattern, so I had to photograph some other people's daughters). Sad, huh?

personalised gifts for her

and Technicolor Paris ...

Given my new wallpaper obsession, I loved coming across an interior design shop with what seemed to be a whole archive of every wallpaper ever made ...

Tomorrow I'll be working on a 'quieter' wallpaper design. With that in mind, I started following Jill Lauck on Pinterest. She has the most beautiful neutral palettes on almost all of her boards. This is her tumblr page with a Paris theme.

Isn't it funny? It seems like we visited different cities, doesn't it?

Passport to her Paris please! It seems so light and clean and peaceful there. Don't you just love this room?

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