pillow sham pattern Oliver S Jump Rope Easter Dress customized gifts for mom

 pillow sham pattern     |      2020-04-26 23:25

It seems to now be a tradition for me to sew dresses late into the night on Easter Eve. ?This year turned out to be no exception.

I chose an Oliver S pattern (Jump Rope dress, that I WISH went up to a size 12) that was new to me, I’;ve always had great success with their patterns in the past and this one turned out to be just as detailed as the ones I’;ve used before.

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I decided it was time to cut into some of that Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric that I’;ve been hoarding. Purple has got to be my least favorite colorpillow sham pattern, so when my daughter told me she wanted a purple dress I groaned a bit…;. We compromised, (thank you Heather Bailey!!) and she was just as happy with big purple flowers on her dress.

Even though I wanted to be lazy and make the belt out of ribbon, I went ahead and used fabric and I’;m glad I did. ?I really like the contrast.

My son was excited that he could fit in one of “;Dad’;s ties”; even though it was still a tad long, it worked out great…;. and my pocket book is happy now that they can share ties.

Here he is with the dog, somehow that dog always manages to work her way into our photo shoots.

Here I am with my girls…;My oldest daughters dress is from Francesca’;s, she stole my pearl necklace and green belt. (I got them back later.. *wink*)..

For many of us, thread count can be a little confusing. Is a high number always good? Does it guarantee sheet strength and softness? Does it guarantee quality?

I have crocheted a hat for myself but the first time I went outside and it was a bit windy I had cold ears. I decided to do something about it. I went to my local sewing shop and looked for a nice fabric that will work. I decided to use fleece it is soft and keeps the wind out.

Oh my word, you guys….I’m cracking up about the costume I’m sharing today!? And the younger the child is that I make a costume for, the more I sit and laugh as I’m sewing up each part of it.? HA!? There’s just something so dang cute about tiny little costumes!? But yes, we’re continuing on with our theme of Greek Mythology Characters and in case you missed them, Elli’s Greek Goddess Artemis costume is HERE, Connor’s Greek God Poseidon Costume is HERE, and Chloe’s Greek Goddess Demeter Costume is HERE.