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So excited to introduce one of our very newest contributors this year…;.Alana from Threadbare Cloak!!!? Alana has a gift for all things DIY…;.and I’;m especially in love with her knack for turning old into new!? So excited to have her here with us!? (All posts written by Alana for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.)

Welcome Alana!!! :)

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Hi guys, Alana here from the DIY blog?Threadbare Cloak and I’;m really excited to share with you my very first project for?Make It and Love It!?I’;m a sucker for home decor, especially anything to do with indoor plants, which is what gave me the inspiration for the perfect debut project: How to Make a Succulent Terrarium.

Terrariums are on trend right now and are one of the most popular “;must have”; home decor items around. Every store is selling their?version, they are everywhere on social media and you can’;t open a home or interior magazine without spotting one beautifully positioned somewhere in the background.

They definitely make a stylish addition to any homepillow sham pattern, while at the same time working to add a rustic, bohemian charm to an otherwise?bland decor. It really is amazing what a little plant life can do for a room! I’;ve had it at the back of my mind to try making one for a while now, probably since I inherited my mum’;s glass terrarium a while back. Wanting to do it justice, I’;ve taken my time coming up with the perfect terrarium layout and I’;m sharing with you all the details here.

I finally decided on going for a minimalist-inspired?succulent terrarium. This keeps things modern, fresh and avoids heading down the cluttered or overdone path. The bonus is this kind of terrarium is really?easy to make and even easier to look after! Just position in a sunny spot and give a little water when the soil dries out.

If you’;re interested in finding out how to make a succulent terrarium just like this, grab these simple supplies and get started!

The first step is to find the perfect glass terrarium. It?doesn’;t need to be a specific terrarium container, it could be a beautiful vase or cute jar. The only thing it has to be is glass. It’;s the glass container that makes a terrarium a terrarium!

Assembling the terrarium is simple. Firstly, add a layer of the larger stones to the base of the container. These stones are essential for drainage, since a glass terrarium doesn’;t have any drainage holes like a traditional plant pot. So, don’;t skip this step.

Optionally, add a layer of the smaller decorative stones on top for extra help with drainage.

Add a good layer of soil. Say, an inch or two.

Add a thin layer of decorative stones as the last layer, leaving a hole in the center for the succulent. Then?position the succulent in the center, making sure to cover the roots in soil.

Now the hard part, deciding the perfect spot for your new terrarium, preferably somewhere sunny and in full view so everyone can admire!


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