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 pillow sham pattern     |      2019-09-12 11:35

Crew member Viktoriya Porechnaya inspired us on the blog today with a?new recipe book idea that is fun and easy to do.? Recipes, cookingpillow sham pattern, food and crafts are all things we love and when they come?together it is even more fun. Preserving recipes is near and dear to our heart and making a place to do that and keep forever is extra special. ?

This recipe book was created with the Canvas Corp Farmhouse Kitchen Mix and Match Pad. ?Each Mix and Match pad is filled with assorted papers, fabrics and textures that are great for making projects like this. ?The Farmhouse Kitchen Pad is filled with vintage kitchen art printed on kraft and ivory papers and perfectly neutral to coordinate with any theme or color story you have in mind.

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This book has three sections and is decorated with stamps and fussy cut details. ?You can stand it on the kitchen table and use it to look at your recipes –; it’;s more comfortable for using then just cook book because it can stand where you need it to! Plus, you can always change out your pages if you want or add to it!




Today we are going to be making an over-sized, outdoor, tussy mussy of sorts. ?Typically, a tussy mussy is a small, triangular, metal vessel designed to hold flowers. ?Sometimes they are used in weddings to hold bouquets or placed on doorknobs in the home. ?This chicken wire version is a monster sized reconfiguration of the idea, meant to add an outdoor “vase” for your garden. ?These could also be really fabulous at an outdoor wedding to line the aisles!

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