pillow sham pattern Halloween Craft- DIY Geo Mesh Eyeball Wreath customized baby gifts

 pillow sham pattern     |      2020-03-27 09:49

Today I’;m going to show you how to make a Halloween Eyeball Geo Mesh Wreath using geo mesh and ribbon. If you like this project you may also like to see how I hung Witch’;s Hats?on my front porch as a Halloween decoration.?

It seems like every year I make a new wreath for my front door for Halloween. I don’;t know why something about Halloween just brings out my crafty side. ?Usually, it starts because I decide the wreath I made for the previous year won’;t hold up well outside, and I want to make one that’;s okay to use on the outside of the front door. ?Then I decide I don’;t want to hang it outside and I’;m back to the drawing board.

pillow shams floral

This year my contribution to my Halloween Wreath collection is this Eyeball wreath made out of geo mesh and ribbon. ?There is a local craft store that always makes the cutest geo mesh wreaths but I always looked at them and thought they were way to hard to make. A few weeks ago I asked the lady working there if she could show me how to start making a wreath. ?She gave me a quick explanation and I went “;DUH”;. These things are crazy easy to makepillow sham pattern, I don’;t know why I haven’;t tried it before.

Ready to make one? Grab a few friends and have a nice wreath making “;crafternoon”;.

You’;re going to need: (#afflinks)

–;Geo Mesh Work Wreath frame –; try to get one that has “;twistys”; attached to it, otherwise, you’;ll also need some pipe cleaners

-Geo Mesh

-Wired Ribbon

-Eyeball Ornaments

The work wreath frame has pre-attached pipe cleaners, you are basically going to twist them around the geo mesh in going around in a circle around the entire wreath.

You can leave as much or a little geo mesh in between the twist ties as you like.

Keep going around the wreath form until you’;ve covered the entire top row, then move on and cover the bottom row.

Now you’;ve got your wreath form, you can embellish it as you like.

I added black and orange ribbon to the outer circle of the wreath (using the same method that I used to attach the geo mesh).

I then cut 2 ribbons into 6″; strips and clipped the ends and?tied?them into the wreath using the twist ties.

The eyeball ornaments are attached in exactly the same way.

See easy right!?!?! ?You don’;t even need a hot glue gun.

I hung mine on my front door with my new favorite Halloween decoration this eyeball doorbell. I picked it up at Target, last I checked they had them online too.

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