pillow sham pattern Easter Pots (Update- An April Fool’s Joke!!) pillow case baby

 pillow sham pattern     |      2020-03-08 17:02

EDITED: This was just an April Fool’;s Joke. Not an actual project.(scroll all the way down to see the joke revealed, or click here for the follow up the next day.)

Ready for a fresh new idea?

meaningful gifts for mom

Somethings really fun, vibrant, and inviting for Easter?

Check out my new new Easter Pots.

The perfect and easy addition to your Easter cooking.

Rufflespillow sham pattern, color, and flair…;…;what could be better?

Get your hot glue gun out and attach the frill.

And how pretty they’;ll look on the stove, cooking the perfect Easter dinner…;.

And don’;t worry about placing your food in serving dishes, just transfer your food from the stove, right over to the table. So convenient and darling!

Scroll down for the full tutorial…;

Did you notice that March has ended, and today is a new month?

April Fool’;s!! (did I get ya?)

Hahaha…;…;You gotta love the fire hazard up above, right?

I can only imagine that fabric getting caught on fire and ruining your whole Easter dinner. Blech!

And not to mention taking the crafting a little too far! :)

And no, I didn’;t actually hot glue the ruffles to my pots. ((gasp))

If you’;re looking for other hilarious projects for today…;…;go on over to crafterhours for a fun collection of crafts. Perfect for today! (They’;re all so clever…;.but keep scrolling down until you see my favorite, the girl’;s dress into a man’;s shirt. Ha!)

Hugs, kisses, and forgive me if you really wanted the tutorial for that. Sorry! ((wink, wink))

I’m not very organized by nature but this recipe binder system works very well for me and a few others, including Jaime, so we thought we would share. My husband started this binder before we were even together (he’s a keeper) as a way to store all the random recipes that he collected here-n-there but I have taken it over and added a few features.

It seems that many parents these days are waiting to find out the gender of their baby. Some parents that I know already had boys and girls and for their last child, they thought it would be nice to wait and find out at birth.

What if “the good dishes” could be used every day? Come meet the everyday elegance of the Medaillon Collection.