pillow sham pattern Bewitching & Beguiling Bedroom Ideas- White Wonderland funny cushion covers

 pillow sham pattern     |      2019-09-28 16:51

In our penultimate post on Bewitching &; Beguiling Bedroom Ideas, we're going to take a look a white, after all white witches are the exact opposite of black witches! All white interiors have been the mainstay for minimalist contemporary interiors for many years and while some think they are too bland and boring others revel in the idyllic simplicity white offers a bedroom. You do however, have to strike a balance between beautiful and boring.

The key is to include plenty of different textures to keep interest in the room. White bedding and duvet cover sets are an ideal base from which you can build layers to create a chic and stylish bed which should be the focal point of the room. Use a high padded statement headboard in a regal crown style to really embrace the wonderland look. Add bed throws in chenillepillow sham pattern, or subtly patterned jacquard, along with a mountain of pillows and boudoir styled cushions – look for those in different shapes and sizes as well as textures to add further interest. Another important aspect is to make sure you have the same shades and hues of white, otherwise some could look 'dirty' when next to a pristine white.

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Of course the walls, ceiling and floor should also be white, if you have wooden flooring use large rugs or a single rug under the bed to create a white zone area. Next move onto the window dressing. Many modern double glazed window units are in white PVC which makes life easy when it comes to decorating. If you have a wooden window frame give it plenty of gloss white paint. Simple, yet stylish net curtains give a feminine touch which is keeping with the room – look for patterns which represent tiny snowflakes or frost patterns.

Full length plain white curtains are a must, along with white curtain poles or white curtain tracks. Fit them close to the top of the wall to make the window appear taller than it is, as this will add height to the room and balance with the high statement headboard. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and naturally should be white! If you haven't already taken part in Terrys Pumpkin Hunt you still have time, visit Terrys for full details. You could win gift vouchers and turn your bedroom into a wonderland in time for the festive season.

A few years ago, brass was difficult to come by, especially at an affordable price. I have no fear of spray paint, but it’s not always feasible, i.e.: some objects like curtain rods & picture frames with permanent glass cannot easily be sprayed. A friend of mine, Lori, introduced me to Rub ‘n Buff. I have been turning anything & everything into brass since. My first choice is always to purchase true brass, but when it’s not available, this is the next best option – & it’s easy!

I wear aprons a lot, because I make lots of messes. I do a lot of surface design on fabric before I stitch it into art quilts, I dabble in other sloppy crafts, and I dig in the dirt (garden). I designed this apron to cover most of my clothing, but still be comfortable and utilitarian. It’s easy to customize it to meet your needs, and make you look fabulous!

There is so much to love about the fall season, and now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner, there is even more reason to come up with ways to welcome fall into your home. For the most part, pumpkins are a sure way to excite you and your guests about the upcoming spooky holiday of Halloween. Who doesn’t love Halloween? Many kids and adults spend weeks, even months, deciding on their costumes and perfect haunted house party. For the adults, there are ways to take advantage of this fun holiday by inviting guests over for a dinner party, and incorporating your seasonal accessories, accents, and decor into your home. Read through our list of easy ways to give your home the fall makeover it deserves.