pillow sham pattern Bewitching & Beguiling Bedroom Ideas- Magical Mahogany funny cushion covers

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Sometimes it's difficult to choose a colour and theme for a small bedroom, however, with the use of crushed velvet in deep mahogany even the smallest of bedrooms can be transformed into bewitching and beguiling bedrooms. The use of fabric to cover an entire wall is ideal for those living in rented accommodation and either have restrictions of what they can do in terms of re-decorating or want an impressive wall covering they can take with them when they move on.

This form of wall covering is also ideal for those whose walls are in less than perfect condition. Howeverpillow sham pattern, if you're trying to disguise a fault such as mildew or damp be sure to treat the problem otherwise your fabric could become damp and mildew as well. Using floor to ceiling velvet fabric creates a warm and luxurious look to a room. Team with pencil pleat curtains and coordinating bed throws to create a stunning look with has an air of mystery and intrigue. The rich warmth of the fabric and the colour will make even the coldest of rooms look and feel snug and warm.

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To get the look you'll need to fit curtains tracks as close to the junction between the wall and the ceiling as possible. Allow for plenty of fabric and curtain hooks so that fullness is created by a mass of beautiful pleats. For the window dressing use the same technique by using curtain tracks situated as close the ceiling as possible. Sweep the curtains open from the centre and hold in place with coordinating tie-backs or hook. Full length white voile panels can be used as an effective way to provide privacy from the outside world and coordinate superbly with white duvet cover sets and bed linen.

Use modern chandelier central ceiling lights to add to the luxury look. Keep accessories to a bare minimum, the more you the more you'll distract the eye from the sea of fabric. Use numerous cushions to pile high on the bed, add different tactile fabrics including velvet, crushed velvet, Damask and jacquard to add subtle touches of pattern and differentiation. Use a variety of sizes and shapes but keep the colour exactly the same as the wall of fabric and the curtain for continuity and balance. Small bedside table lamps onto of bed-side cabinets completes the look.

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