pillow sham pattern 10 Fast Tricks To Make Your House Seem Cleaner funny cushion covers

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You may not have the time or the inclination to keep on top of housework, however, when you know you have guests arriving we have 10 fast tricks to make your house seem cleaner than it may really be!? ?

If you don't have time to polishpillow sham pattern, one of the fastest tricks to making your home seem cleaner is to spray polish around; guests will smell polish and automatically think you've been dusting! If you don't want to use chemical polish opt for natural products instead.? ?

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If you're clutter free guests will think that your home is spotlessly clean, as neatness equates to cleanliness in most people's minds.? ?

Putting seasonal fresh flowers on your dining room table will show guests that you care about the room's appearance; it's quick and can be cost free if you pick flowers from your own garden.? ? ?

People will assume that if you have neatly folded towels your bathroom is clean! Just be sure to fold your towels so that the grubby bits don't show – you could also give them a quick blast with some deodorant if they whiff a bit!? ?

Hide dirty plates and cups out of sight; put them in the dishwasher if you have one, if you don't put them in the oven until your guests have gone; if there's too many to fit in the oven put them in a bowl outside the back door!? ?

Polishing both the kitchen and bathroom taps will give the instant illusion that the sink, basin and bath are clean too!? ?

Spruce up the downstairs loo as this is the one that guests will be using. Polish the taps, fold the hand towel neatly, spray polish and even place some flowers in a vase and your guests won't be looking any further.? ?

Empty the bins. Any overflowing bin looks untidy, not to mention smelly in the case of kitchen and bathroom bins, empty them into the outside dustbin and the room/s will seem cleaner.? ?

Quickly pull-up the duvet and plump up your pillows to make your bedroom appear clean and tidy.? ?

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