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 decorative pillow shams     |      2019-12-04 01:28

Tie dye is back, well it would be fair to say that it never really went out of fashion. It may have taken a back seat in interior design over the last few yearsdecorative pillow shams, but like any good design it reappears or in the case of tie dye 'bursts' back onto the scene and this year is one of those years!

Great for hippies and those who love to make their own fabric patterns; take heart those who don't, there's plenty of pre-made for you to choose from! Go for electric brights or soft pastels, either way tie dye prints are a fabulous way to inject colour into your home. You can be a subtle or as daring as you like!

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A tie-dye style bowl is a great way to subtly introduce tie-dye into your home.??

You can even use tie-dye on rugs. ?

Happy Monday! A special welcome to new friends from Claire Brody‘s summer home. I always look forward to seasonal home tours like this one hosted by Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. It’s fun to see how homes evolve throughout the year, and through the years and especially rewarding to reflect on the progress we’ve made in our home. I wanted to take a different approach to our summer home tour. To be honest, most of my home tours have been prepped before I’ve photographed, usually when the girls are at school or resting comfortably in their bedrooms, but that’s a less than accurate picture of our home. Pillows aren’t always perfectly placed, flowers aren’t always in full bloom and most importantly, we live here, it’s not a studio. A few weeks ago, photographer Alea Lovely came to capture our family and graciously offered to take some shots of our home as well {which I didn’t anticipate}, so today you’re going to see our honest summer home and how we utilize it! I hope you enjoy it and consider sticking around to peruse for a while, after all, you have a little time before you visit Brooke’s tour on Nesting with Grace tomorrow morning.

When we first moved into our new house, I knew the first thing that needed to be addressed was these stairs. I ripped up all of the upstairs carpet and had the hard wood underneath (Woo-hoo! Original hard wood floors!!) re-finished. This left me with the stairs. I ripped up the nasty old carpet, and then I thought about a solution.

Welcome back to the BERNINA 125th Anniversary Quilt-Along! I’m BERNINA Expert and Amanda Murphy and in this post we’ll be working on the quilt’s optional side border embroideries. This was originally scheduled for December but some of you have been such enthusiastic piecers and embroiderers we decided to post this step early!