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Everybody needs a wall clock in somewhere in their home. The kitchen, to tell us when dinners done, the lounge so we know we have exactly 4 minutes and 30 seconds to make a cuppa before Corries on, and the hall clock whose sole purpose is to be sworn at daily as we rush past leaving for worklate again. Everybody also needs wall art. In every room to give light, colour, character and personality to our homes and to create the styles and themes we strive for.

And now ‘they’ (they being the design ‘powers that be’decorative pillow shams, the innovators and the style makers), have married together these two home decor accessories and createdDun Da Daah! The Canvas Clock. It’s a clock, it’s a picture, it’s functional, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, its fun and best of all its versatile enough to be used in the majority of homes.

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For people wanting individual art work on their walls, there are numerous companies online that can be commissioned to paint whatever design you like onto canvas’ ranging from sizes 10”x10” to 40”x40” and who add the clock mechanism. They can be done in colours that will tie in perfectly with your current theme, or to match your Jazz Curtains. The clock aspect can be central to the design with numerals being painted around it, or it can be irrespective of the picture and maybe set off to one side with no numbers whatsoever.

This is great for someone who wants to utilise an imposing wall with a strong piece of art, without having to hang a clock adjacently that would take impact away from the canvas. It’s also a very effective technique if you have a series of matching paintings and have the Canvas Clock as the central one, creating a feature from it. A popular technology now is printing photos onto canvas. Whether it’s a black and white still of Kylie to match your kylie minogue duvet covers , or other famous icons from the past to match your retro theme, it will be a better quality then a poster and look more sophisticated.

You can also have the personal picture that caught a memory or a perfect moment of a holiday that shouldn’t be hidden away in an album. And have it turned into an art piece that will last longer, have the qualities of a painting (thanks to the texture of canvas) and the usefulness of a clock. These are great gifts for people too. Canvas clocks are perfect for children, especially when encouraging them to learn to tell the time.

You can have them personalised with the picture of their favourite cartoon character, or super hero, and extra little touches such as their name added. This will keep them more interested as it would act as a poster in their room with the benefit they would read the time correctly and not rely on the digital displays of phones and computers. A modern take on canvas, is a full length painting of a grandfather clock with the face being an actual working clock.

This is a quirky twist on a traditional iconic time piece that the majority of people cannot afford, and do not have the space for these days. Other popular designs are floral themes where the flower is the central piece with the petals acting as the 12 numbers; these are great for this time of year bringing spring into your home.

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