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It may be pouring with rain, overcast and cloudy and yet today is one of the busiest in terms of home decorating. So, to get you started and help you find interior design ideas to suit the style of your home and you're budget with a focus on using white in the living room.

It would be realistic to say that by default or design most people's ceilings are white; this not only helps a living room to look lighter it's a great way of giving the illusion of more height to the room. Central lighting remains in place in traditional living rooms, with the use of table lamps and floor lamps to brighten dark corners. Walls aren't usually whitedecorative pillow shams, they're muted tones which give a neutral background colour which is the backdrop for reds, blues, greens in various hues to be used as accent colours.

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Floors in traditionally styled homes still tend to have fitted carpets with large rugs being used in the high traffic areas, such as in front of sofas and chairs. More often than not a coffee table will be placed on top of the rug – which is a effective way to help the fitted carpet remain unstained. Windows are typically dressed with curtains, which are either in a neutral colour or pick-up on the accent. Full length curtains are used, however, it's not unusual to see shorter length curtains which sit on top, or just below, the window sill.

Modern interiors lend themselves beautifully to using white. With a fresher look and feel white is once again used for ceilings. Walls are white or off-whites with a focal wall being given centre stage by either using wallpaper or an accent colour to draw the eye towards it. Wooden flooring and laminate flooring are the order of the day with large rugs again being used in high traffic areas; in modern homes rugs are also used to help ground colour schemes and are used to bring pattern and colour to floors.

Windows are dressed with white curtains or with the accent colour to bring a sense of harmony to the room. While plain remains popular patterned curtains are also being used to bring new looks to modern homes. Combination window dressings are also on-trend with curtains or drapes being paired with Venetian or vertical blinds to bring a sleek look to windows.

This where white really comes into play; most contemporary interiors are dominated by white. Ceilings and walls are white to accentuate the accent colour to the max. Floors are plain, with the latest styles being highly polished stone and granite. Large rugs are included, however they are used for visualisation and comfort rather than to help protect flooring.

Windows are given a dressing with sleek clean lines to compliment the style of the room. Venetian and vertical blinds are often used as the sole dressing, and are particularly popular for using on extensive stretches of glass windows and walls – remote controlled blinds being used to add the latest high-tech gadgetry to contemporary living rooms.

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