decorative pillow shams How to design a chic bathroom with contrasting black and white sofa pillow covers

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A high contrast, monochrome colour scheme can make a seriously stylish design statement. We get insider secrets from Mico Bathrooms expert Louise Cook on how to nail black and white style

About to embark on a bathroom reno? This is one room in the home you can have some fun with! If you’re interested in an all-white or all-black look but don’t want your bathroom to look stark, this could be for you. Mixing dark with light creates wow factor and layering contrasting textures and finishes will ensure a feeling of calm. Louise Cookdecorative pillow shams, National Product Manager from Mico Bathrooms, talks us through how to achieve this look.

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Choose your style:?What style suits you as a person or family and fits best with the era of your home? Mico Bathrooms’ Bathroom Book is a great source of inspiration. It can help you find a style that’s right for you – and that balances with the look of your home.

Plan your space: Mico Bathrooms’ interactive bathroom planner?allows you to visualise your space in 3D before making any big decisions.

Choose your statement pieces: Pick out the big-ticket items first. Your choice in vanities and bathtubs will influence and impact your other purchases.

Decide whether dark or light will be your anchor: A statement piece like a vanity or bath might determine this or a large surface area colour/pattern on the walls or floor.

Accessorise with the contrasting colour: In this look (main image) white is used sparingly to break up the dark and create a fresh and stylish look.

Go big on flooring: If the rest of your room is fairly clean and minimal, look for flooring tiles with a bit of personality. Avoid wood or wood-look flooring for this particular style.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match matte with gloss: Glossy tiles with matte black tapware will provide texture and subtle interest

Be inspired with Mico BathroomsFor more expert bathroom decor tips and to use the interactive bathroom planner, visit

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