decorative pillow shams Festive Dining Table Ideas 6- Shabby Chic funny cushion covers

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If shabby chic is becoming a way of life for you, don't find shame in those worn chairs and chipped paint, but embrace them with the incredible value that they deserve. Behind every flaw in an old, but lovely item, lies a story worth remembering. During the holiday seasondecorative pillow shams, stop to appreciate the journey that brought you to where you are today, and relish the furnishings that have become an important part of your life.

White painted chairs can present a base for the uniform display of unique items that favour French décor of periods past. Stencilling along the table edges and backs of chairs often leave warm traces of Christmas past and add a delicate balance to more robust treasures that will be placed atop the table. Rococo-styled picture frames, mirrors and light fixtures create a chic style when mixed with the hodgepodge of French history.

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Use white curtains, hung from metal curtain rings, and swag a silver garland over the top. If you can find cheap rugs of white, red or blue shag, this can be perfect for setting up your display of various vases, jars and candle holders. If one of these cannot be found, use a old oriental carpet, even if bare in a few spots. This can compliment any crystals you may have hanging from lights or lamps. Milk glass candle stick holders will begin the festive layout on your table. Use round mirrors to hold the candle sticks and reflect off of the glass ware.

Most Shabby Chic décor sports pale blues, pinks or neutral colours. Because you want to show off your prized glassware that can be a bright red or dazzling blue or green, keep the runner light in colour, yet busy with stripes, checks or waves. This will make a stylish contrast to the bright and clear glass arrangement. Fill a glass jar with like-coloured bulbs or festive berries and greenery. Add some silver pieces for a final touch. Do not over crowd your favourite Christmas items so each one can be examined and appreciated. Friends will find the mixture intriguing, yet beautiful. A gentler time will be recreated with a calming and welcome change to a sometimes, cold and too materialistic holiday season.

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