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Black and white may take the worry out of clashing colours in a contemporary or modern-styled home, but what to do about adding Christmas time decorations, can leave you with more questions than answers. By using shades, form and balance, your seasonal bliss will deliver just the right ho-ho-ho attitude. The holidays are not about red and green, as much as the merriment of the season. Do it right with black and white and fill your home with delightful Christmas memories.

Elegant, wealthy and clean are symbols of the colours of black and white. Howeverdecorative pillow shams, by shading with greys and blues, an entirely new feeling begins to take shape. With the starkness toned down, the attitude of sophisticated bliss is able to take over for creating a stylish, yet warm holiday extravaganza. Use window treatments in light grey or smoke blue to leave the world of opposites, and get on the path of mood-altering warmth. A short shag area rug in the same colour, placed under the dining table and chairs, will help to represent a dream-like state for those that enter the room.

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Softening a black and white style for the holidays is something that even a king would approve of. By implementing table runners, or table cloths, of soft linen white or other shade of off-white colour, sharp edges are removed and plans for an aesthetic atmosphere becomes more believable. To bring depth and elegance to a table, cover with table cloths of a white shade and highlight with a light blue/grey table runner. Table runners come in all types of materials and colours, so make sure to select a mild, almost pastel shade for your choice.

With the mood now set, bring out the traditional holiday form with a soft, velvety black fir tree, set on a mirror, that sends an amazing reflection for all to enjoy. Finger bowls of pewter, plus frosted shell-coloured berries woven around tall crystal candlesticks, are a few festive ideas for creating a holiday centrepiece. Use light taper candles and outline with floating candles that will catch the glitter of the flames. Without interrupting the elegance or rich values of black and white, you have created a warm, succulent feeling that is fit for any spoiled crowd. Suitable for a black tie affair or a casual brunch, the holiday season will not be forgotten by softening the mood of your colours, and adding a few ho-ho-ho novelties.

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