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 decorative pillow shams     |      2020-03-09 04:27

Do you need a little Sweet Easter Treat?to brighten your spring-time?!?!?

Remember when I used Bakerella’;s recipe to make little cake pops here?

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Well, I wanted to make some yummy-ness for Easter too. (Okay, and I really just wanted a treat this last weekend.)

So I made these with carrot cakedecorative pillow shams, instead of chocolate.

And some of them I filled with cream cheese frosting.Mmmmmmm…;…;. (Can you eat this stuff by the spoonful like I do?? Shhhh…;you know it’;s good.)

***Little side note: I couldn’;t get the filled cake pops to stay on a stick. Because the centers were so soft (from the frosting) they, didn’;t stay on the stick firmly enough while dipping in the white chocolate.

Want to give your little spring flowers away? Slip a sucker wrapper over the top and tie with a green ribbon…; look like your leaves. (By the way, I used a flower shaped mini cookie cutter to make the little flowers.)

And if you go and visit Bakerella right now, she has some of her own little Easter cake pops, that are just darling/adorable/perfect!!!!

Happy Spring! (Even if it dumped a few inches of snow here over the weekend…;…;.but, whatever. I’;m still pretending it’;s spring, dang it.)

My love affair with feathers began in the year 2004. It was love at first sight. My heart quickened as I admired their beauty, and witnessed the magical way they traveled across the quilt. My feelings were so strong that I was determined to create perfect feathers.

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