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Hello ‘;Make It and Love It’; readers! I am SO excited to be back with another great post this month. My name is Emma, and I blog over at Crafting{E}. It is crazy to think that Valentine’;s Day is less than 2 weeks away! Where has the time gone? It feels like Christmas was yesterday!

Being a high schooler, I am not so into giving out traditional valentines anymore. You knowdecorative pillow shams, the kind with a cheesy saying and a piece of candy taped on. However, I do love to bring a yummy treat for my friends each year. This year I could not decide on what I was going to bring for my friends! One day, I just decided to go for it. By that, I mean that I threw a bunch of random ingredients in the mixer and hoped for the best.

Little did I know the result was going to be so delicious!? Introducing: Red Velvet Oreo Chocolate Cookies!

I’;m pretty sure they are a small piece of heaven. Long story short, I am definitely bringing these cookies to my friends on Valentine’;s Day.

These cookies are extremely easy to make. Even if you are not a baker, I am 99% percent sure you can make these cookies. What makes them so easy is that they use a chocolate cake mix which makes things ten-times easier as well as makes the cookies super moist. YUMMY!

These are such a fun and festive Valentine’;s treat too! However, these cookies can easily be switched up for any holiday. For example, to make them for Easter simply replace the chocolate cake mix with white cake mix and replace the red velvet Oreos with spring Oreos. Imagine the possibilities!

Now onto the recipe!


Red Velvet Oreo Cookies




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