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Right after I got engaged and started scouring Etsy & Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, I decided that I wanted an alternative to a guestbook. I found the idea of keeping a book with signatures in it a little too reminiscent of an autograph book that you keep in junior high.

So early on, I decided on an advice card guestbook. I made a word document, and will be printing and cutting once I get a more accurate guest count. I don’t think it’ll take more than 10 minutes, and making the document barely took?a minute. Microsoft Word had these handy ticket shaped shapes!

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Howeverdecorative pillow shams, I later decided that I loved the idea of having a poster in our house with all the signatures of our guests. So also using Word, I decided to make this Balloon poster! I used the shape function on Word for the balloons, a circle a triangle = a balloon. It was really easy, and I had a lot of fun doing it. This function was awesome for a lot of our projects, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I’ll be printing it on 11×;14 cardstock, and there’s a place nearby that prints on that size for only 99 cents, in color. Also,?we might be adding some?rows of balloons, or making these ones smaller. That's the joy of using Microsoft Word, it's so easy to modify?your work.??If I had a larger wedding, I would go through Vistaprint and pay $6.99 for a larger poster. Either way, it's much cheaper than any of the guestbooks that I've seen!

How are you going about having a guestbook; traditional, a little less traditional, both? Comment!

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