decorative pillow shams Bewitching & Beguiling Bedroom Ideas- Dark and Mysterious funny cushion covers

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Dark, mysterious and totally stunning starts off this week's look at interior design ideas. As tonight is Halloween what better way to treat yourself than a beautiful bedroom, packed with style that you can take inspiration from to up-date your bedroom. To achieve the dark and mysterious look which will enchant you there are different design routes you can follow.

Probably the first to spring to mind is Gothic, with its beautifully arched windows and clever use of texture. This interior design style creates a sensuous bedroom with velvet bed throws and black duvet cover sets. Bring in another texture and colour for flooring by using large rugs in deep red or purple. You don't have to go Gothic to get a wonderful looking bedroom which is dark and mysteriousdecorative pillow shams, however, you should use a variety of textures to prevent the room resembling a black and lifeless hole.

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Choose dark walls and bring in a sensuous fabric in silver or even gold. Keep the room dark with the use of blackout window blinds teamed with full length bedroom curtains. Alternatively make the walls light and use dark coloured bedding, which is particularly useful if your bedroom is on the small size. Bring in further textures and subtle colours with cushions in silk, satin and velvet. Add an air of mystery by being selective with your accessories.

You don't have to have pumpkins, however, this season's burnt orange will be a good accent colour to compliment black or brown. Chandelier lighting and bed-side table lamps with pretty jewels suspended around the rim will add sparkle to the room at night and lift it into a superb adult theme with a whimsical twist. You could also add black feather boas to drape around the headboard, or do away with a headboard altogether and simply pile the bed high with cushions.

Try and capture contrasts, by mixing the materials and fabrics. If you have an adjoining bathroom or en-suite use bark coloured tiles with a high gloss finish to contrast with dark floorboards or carpeting in your bedroom. If you use full length bedroom curtains and if space allows do the same in the adjoining room, contrast fabrics, for example rich crushed velvet in the bedroom and organza for the other windows.

Use beaded or tassel tie backs to give your windows a touch of beguiling chic style. Don't forget that our Pumpkin Hunt has already begun, giving you the opportunity of winning gift vouchers to spend on your soft furnishings and accessories.

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